Have you guys seen the latest tweet from the Vidyano Team? We are pleased to announce that the General Availability of the Vidyano #WindowsStore client framework will be this Friday, February 1st. — Vidyano (@Vidyano) January 28, 2013

Vidyano 4.0

Vidyano 4.0 was released last week! The release took us some time to complete, but I think the feature list explains it all! I think it is looking very impressive and I would like to congratulate the whole team with this release! One of the major things in this release is the Vidyano webclient. This […]

Adding persistent objects attributes that do not exist on the database

Adding extra attributes to persistent objects (PO’s) is something that can be very easily done from the Vidyano Management. That’s as far as Vidyano can help you. Since the data doesn’t exist in the database table, that is something that you have to do yourself. Displaying extra attributes on the PO screen When displaying extra […]