Expose a Vidyano query to other tools

Yesterday, a customer had a question regarding the use of reports on a query. The customer wanted to expose a few specific columns of a query to an external tool. The GetReport hook was exactly the thing that was needed. All the steps were taken to create the report (as explained here) The result however […]


Have you guys seen the latest tweet from the Vidyano Team? We are pleased to announce that the General Availability of the Vidyano #WindowsStore client framework will be this Friday, February 1st. — Vidyano (@Vidyano) January 28, 2013

Vidyano 4.0.7103

An update for Vidyano is now available. Steve made a list of the most important changes here! This commit is a bit more special than usual. For the first time, it contains code that was submitted to us! It is really wonderful to see that making our client open source is providing everyone an opportunity to make […]

Refreshing the Vidyano cache on a production service in 6 steps

I have been working on a project where we use a SQL database to develop on, while we have a database and service running in production on azure. This has been working very well and with the azure staging deployments, we are able to update our service without any downtime. Updating the Vidyano data is […]

Adding persistent objects attributes that do not exist on the database

Adding extra attributes to persistent objects (PO’s) is something that can be very easily done from the Vidyano Management. That’s as far as Vidyano can help you. Since the data doesn’t exist in the database table, that is something that you have to do yourself. Displaying extra attributes on the PO screen When displaying extra […]

Setting a Vidyano WPF application in “busy” mode

Today I will show you how you can disable all actions in a WPF application by using something called the IBusyService. Background Notifying the application that you are busy performing some logic is needed in some cases. In a traditional application, the UI is automatically locked when you are preforming logic on the UI-thread. This […]

Using the Vidyano Manager

The Vidyano Manager is an important object. It is available at the service side and exposes a lot of functionality. Let’s see what information the Object Browser gives us: Let’s explain the most common uses: User operations: In a lot of applications, you want to give the users of the application the ability to create […]

Refreshing the parent query after a specific action

When a Persistent Object (PO) gets saved/edited, Vidyano will automatically refresh the parent query of the PO is there is one. This is very handy and ensures that you never see ‘old’ data. Sometimes however, you want more! What if I also want to refresh the parent query of the parent query of the PO? […]

Client action for the Vidyano Web Client

The Vidyano web client allows for the same level of customisation as the WPF client. Perhaps even more given the nature of JavaScript en how the language handles object. Let’s see how we can create a custom client action. When you create a Vidyano web application, you solution should look like this: The starting point […]

Vidyano tip: Return a query from a custom action

Basic solution Custom actions are described in the Vidyano documentation on this page. The method you have to implement looks like this: public static PersistentObject MyAction(AdventureWorksEntityModelContainer context, CustomActionArgs e) { } You can easily see that this action has to return a Persistent Object (PO). But what if you want the result of the action […]