Monthly Archives: July 2012

Setting a Vidyano WPF application in “busy” mode

Today I will show you how you can disable all actions in a WPF application by using something called the IBusyService. Background Notifying the application that you are busy performing some logic is needed in some cases. In a traditional application, the UI is automatically locked when you are preforming logic on the UI-thread. This […]

Using the Vidyano Manager

The Vidyano Manager is an important object. It is available at the service side and exposes a lot of functionality. Let’s see what information the Object Browser gives us: Let’s explain the most common uses: User operations: In a lot of applications, you want to give the users of the application the ability to create […]

Refreshing the parent query after a specific action

When a Persistent Object (PO) gets saved/edited, Vidyano will automatically refresh the parent query of the PO is there is one. This is very handy and ensures that you never see ‘old’ data. Sometimes however, you want more! What if I also want to refresh the parent query of the parent query of the PO? […]