Monthly Archives: June 2012

Client action for the Vidyano Web Client

The Vidyano web client allows for the same level of customisation as the WPF client. Perhaps even more given the nature of JavaScript en how the language handles object. Let’s see how we can create a custom client action. When you create a Vidyano web application, you solution should look like this: The starting point […]

Vidyano tip: Return a query from a custom action

Basic solution Custom actions are described in the Vidyano documentation on this page. The method you have to implement looks like this: public static PersistentObject MyAction(AdventureWorksEntityModelContainer context, CustomActionArgs e) { } You can easily see that this action has to return a Persistent Object (PO). But what if you want the result of the action […]

Vidyano Tip: Ignore unsaved changes

Stop the WPF-client from detecting unsaved changes For a project I’m working on, created with Vidyano, We had a Persistent Object (PO) with some attributes. The attributes where used to generate a report with some specific data. All worked very well, but every time the user tried to navigate away from the report to another […]

Client-actions for the vidyano WPF client

Introduction The vidyano client allows you to create an application that can run with both a WPF and a web-client. The service allows you to get this functionality without having to write the same code for each platform. In this post I will explain the steps you have to take if you want to write […]